Working Groups

Our working groups provide continuous improvement by shaping best practice in all project areas

We never stand still; we recognise the need to continually improve and feed-back new principles of best practice into all of our processes. For this reason, empa has established a complete set of independent working groups. These are driven by framework partners and clients to deliver on their needs in the most cost-effective way.

Each working group has the specific responsibility to enhance our offering and the service you receive in each of the following areas:

Client & Contractor User Guides and Process Maps – empa aims to provide sufficient process information to give your project the highest chance of success. Using a common and proven format, empa users have a sure route to project success.

Marketing and Communications – to ensure you are aware of the opportunities and training available, empa makes producing information on subjects critical to success at the heart of our communications strategy.

Health & Safety – with a very good record already on H&S, this workgroup is developing procedures which maintain and improve on this excellent record.

Performance Management – improvement can only happen when areas for improvement are highlighted. For this reason, empa provides a web-based performance management system that allows you to view your project performance LIVE!

Supply Chain Development – empa has developed the Build East Midlands web introduction portal to allow SMEs to be visible to the main framework partners – at the same time allowing external organisations to contact groups of SMEs to help develop those companies.

Value for Money – it is critical for organisations to demonstrate they are delivering Value for Money (VfM), so this group is very popular with empa clients. VfM does not necessarily mean ‘lowest cost’ and this group helps define and develop how VfM is described and delivered in terms of what is important to you.

Academy and Training – empa will provide you with training to decrease risk and increase the success of using empa framework arrangements. empa is also passionate about maximising investment in training, through use of spend within construction, to produce the skilled workforce we desperately need in the future.

BIM and Soft Landings BIM is the main plank of project delivery improvements for the 2025 Government Construction Strategy and is already offered by empa partners to their clients. This group will continually improve the BIM and Soft Landings service empa provides to all clients.

Process and Innovation – all empa processes were reviewed and updated when the new frameworks were procured. This group looks for further efficiencies. Innovate or die is a well-used statement, but it’s one we believe in and are therefore looking for the next generation of framework arrangements.

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